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About Christopher Ryan:

Christopher Ryan reading the first print copy of his first published novel!

I spent eight years as an award-winning reporter, columnist and editor, mainly in The Bronx covering crime and politics (yes, in The Bronx those are often the same thing). During this time, a “crack war” was raging in the borough, with turf battles resulting in body counts so consistently high that I ran a teaser box headline reading something like “12 dead, 27 wounded” each week. An overwhelming number of those victims were adolescents. The dark nature of the work eventually took its toll, and I applied to the NYPD, being accepted and told I would be assigned to the “next academy class.” While waiting, I was challenged to try teaching, did so on a bet, and never looked back. After eight years reporting on dead kids, I have spent almost 18 working with live ones, kind of like paying back a karmic debt.

I have written throughout, from comedy to comics to novels to screenplays. I also co-wrote, produced, and acted in a series of comic parodies of online dating now available at Now I am attempting to merge my experiences as a teacher and as a Dad to two teenage boys with my drive to write. I welcome all feedback at any time.

My first novel, City of Woe, is available in print and also via Kindle and Nook.
For more information about the novel, click here.


For more on me and my projects, visit the home of my production company:
Seamus and Nunzio Productions

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