Did the GoT’s Finale Comment on Current Events?

During its spectacular season finale Game of Theones took fans on a rollercoaster ride of foreshadowing and payoffs, ending some intrigue, bringing some justice, positioning us for their eighth and final season, giving fan service in the bedroom, and in Winterfell’s main hall, before filling us all with tremendous dread and sending us off to fret for who knows how long.

But did they also make some clever commentary on current events?

Throughout the episode, the “revolutionaries” Daenerys and Jon Snow seek to improve the world by being honest about their intentions and by speaking truth to power rather than telling convenient lies to advance their goals. Cersei Lannister does the opposite.

As a result we see forces gathering around Daenerys and Jon while Cersei has to increasingly pay for mercenary support and we see the only ones by her side are monsters (a maester of suspect morals and his Frankenstein who serves as Cersei’s bodyguard) and grows more isolated, bitter, and irrationally elitist (substitute “white supremacist” for “Lannister” and her view is eerily familiar). It seems the entire world (with the exception of a self-serving pirate) has moved away from this former powerhouse who is now no longer believed or trusted.


Strikes me as noble advice when we need it most. What do you think? Let me know in the comments section.