What are you doing during this snow day? Read!

While I am grateful that those who read this blog come from all over, my information on where the majority live suggests that most will experience some part of today’s serious snow storm. In hopes of helping you through your snow day (or your Wednesday no matter where you are), I am offering you a pile of my ebooks FOR FREE today only.  Go to https://www.amazon.com/Christopher-Ryan/e/B007GKW7GM/ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_12?qid=1520426754&sr=1-12 and pick up any or all of these:

Added fun! Also available is the rarely seen St. Patrick’s Day Mallory and Gunner story, also free as an ebook! 

Go get yours now, and enjoy the snow day. 

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Is Indy Publishing in Peril?

Blackjack creator Alex Simmons and I are back with another episode of our podcast TELL THE DAMN STORY. Today we discuss the shifting landscape of marketing Indy books, and how level playing fields seem to be shrinking ….


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How to Stay Married – Ep. 2 – Learning to Become a Married Couple

So, here’s episode 2….


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How to Stay Married

So the goddess and I have launched a podcast called How to Stay Married. We explore what we’ve learned over 31 years of staying with it in hopes of helping others figure out How to Stay Married.

Take a listen…


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Black Panther Pregaming, Part II

With four days until The Black Panther leaps into theatres, here’s a look at T’Challa’s first appearance, in Fastastic Four numbers 52 and 53, published in July and August, 1966. I was four at that time, so I didn’t experience this tale until way later (after discovering him in The Avengers numbers 57 and 58).

The clip is only a few minutes long but the celebration is sincere!

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Black Panther Pregaming!

Black Panther Pregaming Podcast


Alexander Simmons and Christopher Ryan discuss the roots of the Black Panther, creative contributions that are reflected in the new movie, and why we may need the Panther now more than ever.

(Link below)



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The Value of Fire and Fury

While not perfect, Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury – Inside the Trump White House offers value Americans need right now.

The White House is working diligently to discredit this portrait of a presidency’s first months but reporters and Washington insiders have generally agreed that, overall, Wolff got it right. Herein lies the value of this work.

The basic fact is an enormous number of Americans are perplexed by this president and his staff. So many of us really want to know what is going on.

Here’s what we know for sure:

he uses foul language while doing the work of the highest office in the land;

demonstrates sexist and racist tendencies;

taunts leaders of other nations;

hurts the USA’s standing in the eyes of the rest of the world;

attacks anyone perceived as an enemy including allies who make the mistake of getting credit he believes should be his;

both shows ignorance of, and contradicts himself on, his own policies;

creates almost daily chaos with tweets that often echo something he just saw on TV or was told by another person;

And insists he’s doing a great job.

How can this be?

Veteran New Yorkers will shrug and say this has always been Trump. Maybe they are at least partially correct.

Others will say he’s a damaged rich kid who is still overcompensating for 1) a disapproving father, 2) the pampered academics that serious money buys, and 3) the sidestepping of military service via his debilitating bone spurs. Maybe they are at least partially correct as well.

But that’s not the whole story.

The fact is, it is not all Trump’s fault.

Fire and Fury shows us that here is an aging political neophyte of dubious mental and emotional stability being pulled in competing directions by numerous conflicting voices that express opposing agendas and openly mislead this confused, undisciplined mind on a daily, maybe hourly, basis.

That scenario explains so much about the widening gyre that is the White House. Taking a look into the Trump twister via this book will not make us feel more confident about what is happening but it will offer clarity of what ails the struggling leader of the free world.

Understanding is a crucial first step to getting this divided, faltering union to recognize our desperate need to find common ground and maybe, just maybe, a path forward.

Highly recommended.

The author is about to release A Simple Rebellion, which shows us a near-future dystopia uncomfortably close to our present. https://www.amazon.com/Simple-Rebellion-Christopher-Ryan-ebook/dp/B078J9F1Y1

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