Ten #GoT Questions to Consider Before Tonight’s Episode 

By Christopher, Sean, and Tyler Ryan

Only three more episodes left for GoT7, and there are questions everywhere. Here 10 (with a few related inquiries)  to consider before enjoying tonight’s episode:

1) When Bronn saved Jaime and they went into the lake, we saw the King Slayer seeming to plunge into the depths, but how deep could the water be that close to shore? Will he be able to stand up and walk back, or will his compadre have to get him out of that armor to save him?

2) if Bronn does save him, can he ask for another bag of gold to replace what he lost?

3) if they do survive, will they be crazy enough to resurface near Daenerys and her dragon?

4) If they do, will the Mother of Dragons take them prisoner?

5) What’s Tyrion’s status as Hand after his recent bad track record Daenerys going against his advice? Is his position safe?

6) Does he have enough influence left to petition Daenerys to spare Jaime’s life?

7) Do you believe the internet theory that Tyrion may be a Targaryen? If so, how would Daenerys find out? Would she believe it?  What impact would it have on his evolving role?

8) Are Daenerys and Jon Snow related? Will Bran tell them if they are? What impact would that have on their plans?

9) Is Jon ever gonna get going with mining that dragon glass? Isn’t he putting his people in the North at risk by not making this more of a priority?

10) Will Jaime realize Cersei has become the Mad Queen? Is he strong enough to again do what needs to be done for the good of the kingdoms?

We’d love to get your views on any or all of these. Let us know what you think in the comment section.