The Great Thing About the Trump Presidency

Some may have come to this blog with torches and pitchforks but there really is something undeniably great about the Trump presidency.

The simple truth is Trump is a uniter. Okay, he  pulls people together in much the same way an abusive Dad brings siblings closer if only for mutual survival, but there it is, this is really happening, so let’s take a close look at who we are.

So far, Trump has abused:

Every woman, anywhere on the planet, at any age

All victims of sexual abuse

All those who know, love, or respect an abuse victim

Illegal immigrants

Legal immigrants

Relatives of immigrants

Friends, spouses, offspring , friends, and/or coworkers of immigrants

Anyone brown

Woke white people (okay, even semi-conscious white people)

Anyone who identifies at all with diversity

The entire LBGTQ community

Anyone related to, friends with, or coworkers of a member of the LGBTQ community

Anyone with a pre-existing medical condition

Anyone related to someone with a pre-existing medical condition

Anyone with ACA medical coverage

Anyone who is aging and may need medical support sometime in the future

Anyone who has employees for whom they provide medical coverage

Anyone in the medical profession whose livelihood will be affected by the fate of ACA

The entire military, especially transgender service people

soldiers in units with transgender people who rely on them being there

all those protected by the military

All members of the G20

Any human being living on Earth who is concerned about climate change

Anyone who may come into contact with police officers who take what Trump says to heart while doing his or her job

Children who are currently learning how the government works for them

professional politicians


the Democratic Party

the Republican Party


elected officials
Vocabulary enthusiasts


Anyone who embraces the foundations of ethics

Religious believers


Anyone who is currently paying into a pension plan

Anyone currently paying into or collecting Social Security

Anyone who pays taxes

Journalists everywhere but most especially those covering Washington, D.C. 

The White House staff (if you are a member of the WH staff and do not feel you have been abused by Trump, wait, it is coming)

Pretty impressive list, isn’t it? And you thought Trump had yet to accomplish anything significant.

It stands to reason that if you are drawing breath and capable of coherent thought, you count yourself among the Trump Abused. Think of the numbers we have! Think of the economic power, the communication power, the voting power!

If the Trump Abused stand together, this guy is already finished.

If we just stand together we can….

We can…

Hey, where did everybody go?

If we want our country back we need to stand together!



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