On Writing: Getting Back on The Horse

So I’ve been away. Well, not away, but not writing. And the weirdest thing happened; I got crushed with guilt. Crushed.

I wound up with such a weight on my shoulders, and it got worse with each passing day. You can call it blocked, you can call it guilt, but here’s the truth: it is just a waste of time.

Nothing gets accomplished feeling guilty, or blocked, or worthless. You know what should happen if you miss a few days of writing? Nothing. No penalty, no shame, no guilt. Just sit down and write.

The other thing that happened to me was I became overwhelmed with choices. What should I write? Which idea first?

Just. Sit. Down. And. Write.

Does it matter which idea we write about first? No. Just as long as we’re putting it out there, communicating, connecting.

And don’t worry about length. Just write.

Get back on the horse.

Feels good to be back in the saddle….

Christopher Ryan is author of City of Woe, available on Kindle and Nook, and in print. For more info, click here.

About chrisryanwrites

My name is Christopher Ryan. I am a former award-winning journalist turned high school teacher, and I have written since reading S.E. Hinton's THE OUTSIDERS when I was in elementary school. I have independently published an award-winning debut novel, CITY OF WOE, plus the prequel short story collection CITY OF SIN, the sequel novel CITY OF PAIN, a high school thriller novel GENIUS HIGH, and several high adventure novelettes for the Rapid Reads series featuring Alex Simmons' African-American adventurer BLACKJACK All are available via amazon.com, as is my children's book, THE FERGUSON FILES - THE MYSTERY SPOT. Additionally, I was nominated for a supporting actor award for my work in the multiple award-winning independent film, CLANDESTINE, from Feenix Films. I blog about writing, life, pop culture, the journey of learning to promote my independently published work, my efforts to secure a traditional publishing contract, and my career as a teacher.
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