Use Whatever You Have to Help Others

Okay, I am an independent author with some modest sales numbers, but if I am honest, I know James Patterson and Stephen King are not shaking in their boots about the new competition on the block. I am fine with that. And while I keep working to get to a level where they may notice and welcome the competition (I particularly believe King would enjoy my work; he seems cool like that), I still believe in using whatever gifts I might possess to help others if the opportunity arises.

Last year, I displayed my debut novel at our town’s library and they got a chunk of each sale. It did not allow me to retire, did not add a new wing to the library, but it was fun.

In a couple of weeks, I will join with two other authors. Caseen Gaines and Toney Jackson, to offer our work and our time to help raise funds for a young colleague who is battling leukemia. The young lady got a tough break, and we are going to do what we can to help make her battle a tiny bit easier.

This does not make me a hero. It is just a good exercise in building confidence and sharing publicly what I do. I believe in these activities even though they won’t make the difference in my career. No big break comes from this, but it puts my work right where I want it to be, as part of my community.

I encourage all writers to consider doing the same.


</ Ryan is author of City of Woe, available on Kindle and Nook, and in print. For more info, click here.

About chrisryanwrites

My name is Christopher Ryan. I am a former award-winning journalist turned high school teacher, and I have written since reading S.E. Hinton's THE OUTSIDERS when I was in elementary school. I have independently published an award-winning debut novel, CITY OF WOE, plus the prequel short story collection CITY OF SIN, the sequel novel CITY OF PAIN, a high school thriller novel GENIUS HIGH, and several high adventure novelettes for the Rapid Reads series featuring Alex Simmons' African-American adventurer BLACKJACK All are available via, as is my children's book, THE FERGUSON FILES - THE MYSTERY SPOT. Additionally, I was nominated for a supporting actor award for my work in the multiple award-winning independent film, CLANDESTINE, from Feenix Films. I blog about writing, life, pop culture, the journey of learning to promote my independently published work, my efforts to secure a traditional publishing contract, and my career as a teacher.
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