And now, something for you….

I publish books under the imprint Seamus and Nunzio Productions, LLC. That name came from my older brother’s reaction to the maternity ward picture of my twin sons, who turn 20 this weekend. To celebrate, we are doing a free giveaway of three titles – a novel, a collection of short stories featuring my most popular characters, and an exclusive short story. Come celebrate these inspiring sons with me!

Birthday blowout Free giveaway:

My two other novels are now at the low price of $2.99:



About chrisryanwrites

I do my best to tell fast-paced stories with humor and heart. My fiction work is available on Here, I’ll write about the sources for those stories from what I read, watch, listen to, and observe to my experiences as a former award-winning journalist, high school teacher, actor, and producer.
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