New Year’s Resolution Suggestion: Listen to The Doctor

“They say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one….”

As the decade that was 2017 finally ends, I keep thinking of advice spoken in the final moments of a beloved character’s existence (at least in this incarnation – if you don’t understand as a Doctor Who fan). 

After all we have been thrashed by this year, from non-existent climate change, “bold and beloved” government leadership, devastatingly slanted media that has created bubble civilizations where entire swaths of people listen only to thoughts that confirm and strengthen their own beliefs and condemn all other thoughts as dangerous and evil, and economic separation that may prove life-threatening to millions of our own neighbors, many of us are searching for a way forward, a set of principles that won’t fail us.

Thanks to a beloved show, its gifted writers, driven directors, and talented performers, a solid suggestion awaits below.

Here’s to 2018. Keep strong. Keep vigilant. Hang on to these core beliefs:

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