2017 NFL Awards Predictions

Guest post: My son is a gifted sports blogger. Here is is latest post.

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Now that the 2017 NFL season is over there are some awards to hand out. This year is particularly difficult to choose an MVP. Carson Wentz was practically running away with the award. He was dominating defense and leading the leagues top team. Then he blew out his knee against the Rams and that opened the race up. Tom Brady defied odds and had one of his best seasons at the age of 40. Todd Gurley was Mr. Everything and helped the Rams turn from a laughing stock of the league to one of the leagues best teams. Antonio Brown had another record setting season for the Steelers until he injured his calf against the Patriots. Offensive Player of the Year features all of the MVP candidates from above, along with a few others. Defensive Player of the Year is another difficult choice. Aaron Donald held out all summer but…

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My name is Christopher Ryan. I am a former award-winning journalist turned high school teacher, and I have written since reading S.E. Hinton's THE OUTSIDERS when I was in elementary school. I have independently published an award-winning debut novel, CITY OF WOE, plus the prequel short story collection CITY OF SIN, the sequel novel CITY OF PAIN, a high school thriller novel GENIUS HIGH, and several high adventure novelettes for the Rapid Reads series featuring Alex Simmons' African-American adventurer BLACKJACK All are available via amazon.com, as is my children's book, THE FERGUSON FILES - THE MYSTERY SPOT. Additionally, I was nominated for a supporting actor award for my work in the multiple award-winning independent film, CLANDESTINE, from Feenix Films. I blog about writing, life, pop culture, the journey of learning to promote my independently published work, my efforts to secure a traditional publishing contract, and my career as a teacher.
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