A Gift to America When We Need It Most

Here we are on the cusp of an Independence Day celebration during a surge of Coronavirus cases, widespread unemployment and economic horrors, ongoing wars (remember them?), advancing climate change catastrophe, and the Black Lives Matter movement fighting for actual substantive change, wanting real freedoms for people of color.

Disney’s timing couldn’t be better. Ladies and gentlemen, during this weekend that celebrates the myths we’ve been sold to strengthen the noble and worthy Idea of America, the Mouse Empire gives us …Hamilton.

I won’t engage with naysayers who might argue minutia of historical “fact” because my heart and soul are too busy dancing. Hamilton offers America the answers we need to the key question of all our current plights.

Right now, what does America need most?

Belief in the Idea of America. Hamilton has this so thoroughly it swells the heart.

Knowledge of who we are. Hamilton reminds us by blending the best elements of our troubling history with American diversity, showing us the path we all need to take out of the darkness and into the light.

Joy in our shared roots. Hamilton makes those roots our own. All. Of. Ours.

History. We need to truly know our past to finally confront who we were/are if we want any hope of becoming who we are meant to be.

Education. Schooling is a central theme in Hamilton, this celebration of the American Possibility. And it needs to be a priority for all of us, with significant increases in funding to improve every area of how we cultivate intelligence in our country. An educated populace may scare the hell out of politicians but it is this country’s best hope for both our survival and advancement.

Creative Intelligence. Hamilton mixes highly developed skills in writing, rapping, singing, dancing, staging, costumes, lighting, production, casting, and so much more, all in the service of showing us an America we can have: diverse, equal, unified, and shining brighter for all of it.

Hamilton is the Idea of America applied with intelligence, style, energy, pride, and belief, offered to all of us (okay, maybe not all of us yet, we need to subscribe to Disney, but that may be easier than getting Hamilton tickets was). And in this transcendent musical, the Idea of America is celebrated to send us forth with a positive message that echoes through our land today in the best aspects of BLM and gay pride, and programs to feed the poor, and among the best of our police, and in the best efforts of teachers. That message reminds us all that the Idea of America is meant for…

We The People.

Each and every one of us.

We are so much stronger together than we are apart. Hamilton is the spectacular result of what the Idea of America has afforded us so far. Imagine what we can accomplish creatively, intellectually, scientifically, economically, spiritually, and yes, even politically, if we cast off our self-created limitations and move forward together, truly together, for the first time in our history.

Enjoy Hamilton this weekend, brothers and sisters, and then dream of what the Idea of America means for each of us as we weave our life’s thread into the grand tapestry of America.

God Bless America. Please. We really need it right now.

About chrisryanwrites

I do my best to tell fast-paced stories with humor and heart. My fiction work is available on amazon.com. Here, I’ll write about the sources for those stories from what I read, watch, listen to, and observe to my experiences as a former award-winning journalist, high school teacher, actor, and producer.
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2 Responses to A Gift to America When We Need It Most

  1. Ryan is on fire!


  2. mobritt says:

    Thanks, Chris, I agree with every word. Seeing Hamilton tonight was my Independence Celebration, nothing could be more moving and remind us all what this country was always meant to stand for.. we, the people!! Happy Independence Day!


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