Sunday Chill: We All Need That Soft Groove Sometimes

Been a long, challenging week. Got my geezer badge, irreversibly sliding into the fourth quarter. Buried a mother who was at best equal parts battle and blessing. And I did all that with my Irish siblings whom I love, but we are always a tension fest around each other (they will argue with me over that, too). So I needed a never-fail album to chill out with today.

This was not a job for Ozzy, beloved energy god that he is. Allmans weren’t gonna do it today, though they usually come through. Peter Gabriel? Talking Heads? Dua Lipa? James McMurtry? BB? The Dan?

My soul was still too exhausted for these favs. I needed a sonic couch to lounge in. A silk-sheeted king-sized bed to sleep in on.

I needed Kacey Musgraves.

She is perfect for a Sunday chill. Softly welcoming. Musically comfortable. Intelligent, clever lyrics sung from the back seat without needing to shout. And that voice. Part yearning, part warm hug, with the ease of afterglow pillow talk, it can shoo away just about anything.

She’s got Golden Hour if you’re in love and Star-Crossed if that love has crashed. Both soothe, each in their own way. They hang out, never making demands that you sing along, dance, or grab a guitar yourself. What a relief.

So if you are looking for way to reset for the upcoming week and none of your go-to records are working, Kacey might have what you are looking for. She is sure as hell helping me watch the embers of last week finally fade away.

Thanks, Kacey.

What music helps you do the Sunday chill? Share your go-to music in the comments below.

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