10 Questions about Tonight’s The Walking Dead Finale

I’ve been intrigued with this season of The Walking Dead. Kirkman and the boys have done impressive work making what we know as normal seem weird and unnatural and tension-filled in the TWD world. 

 And it worries me. 

 Yes, I’m laughing at me too. But I am worried. And I have questions.  I know bloggers like to offer answers, but I don’t have any, and I’m pacing. Maybe some of you can help. 

 Here are my concerns: 

 1) Is Rick insane, at least in the context of the rest of this community? 

 2) If he is, what does that say about the whole series; have we been mislead? 

 3) If he isn’t, what kind of twisted asylum community are we actually in? 

 4) Are we spending the entire season replaying the classic Twilight Zone episode “The Monsters Are Due on Maple Street”? 

5) Or is this season a treatise on modern politics, especially regarding Republican treatment of Obama? 

 6) Will Rick be banished a la his treatment of Carol a few seasons back, and does that undo his achievements in the series? 

 7) Did Rick just ruin his and the cast’s role as the community’s protectors against … Negan? 

 8) Is the community setting Rick and company up as sacrifices for … Negan? 

 9) Will the Rick controversy put the entire community in the worst possible position to protect themselves against the arrival of …. Negan? 

 10) Am I just too damned concerned about …. Negan? 

 Hey, I might be wrong. Kirkman may actually be saving Negan for season 9 like he’s said. But it doesn’t feel that way. And, sure, we might see The Whisperers wearing zombie skin on their faces, or the Scavengers, and Rick’s savagery might save the town, and his standing in it, but… 

 The clock is ticking. Only a few hours left. What can you say about any of these concerns…..

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