Staycation: Planning a Trip to the MCU Tomorrow

Clock’s ticking. Just a few more hours until this happens. I thought it might merit republishing a slightly updated post about the joy of binge watching…. 

 Okay, yes, I am on vacation this week, and yes, that usually means I move into the den and just write full time, but this year, I am taking two vacations. One was a short get away with the goddess that you can just mind your business about, thank you very much. The other is coming up on Friday: a 13-hour trip to the Marvel Cinematic Universe to experience Daredevil

 And I cannot wait. 

 Full disclosure: I continue to be a fan of Daredevil: the Director’s Cut, yeah the film with Ben Affleck. Allow me to stress THE DIRECTOR’S CUT. A lot less hokey romance with Elecktra, a lot more Matt Murdock being a lawyer, and an entire trial focused on a character played by Coolio who is not even in the theatrical release. 

 However, the Netflicks-release of Daredevil looks significantly better. The characters are well cast, the powers are grounded, and the visuals have a fantastically gritty New York feel. 

 So, having the day off, I am going to attempt Instant Binge and consume the whole season in a day. I expect I will love it. 

 Have you ever binged to great delight? I have with The Wire, The Lord of The Rings, Lost, Buffy, Angel, Millenium, and a few others. Do you have favorite binge watching shows?

Have you ever binge watched a new series? What was it? Did you enjoy? Advice for viewing? 

 Let’s get ready for Friday with your views and advice.




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