#TWD Finale Postmortem: #Whoisit?

You have seen The Waking Dead Season 6 Finale. You witnessed the taunting. Saw the barbed wire bat come down. Heard those horrible, haunting sounds. Saw the blood. So who is it? Who died?

Here are some unofficial odds:

1)  4 million-to-one: Rick Grimes


Just no. He’s the center of the show, the core of season 7 battles with Negan. No way.
2). 3.5 million-to-one: Carol and Morgan


They weren’t even there and Rick has longer odds than them, that’s how safe Rick is.

 3) 100-to-1: Rosalita Sure, it could be her, but why? Where would the dramatic impact come from if she died? And it would cost Abraham too, because that guy would scream out something like “Man vagina!” and try to take on the entire army of Saviors.
4) 50-to-1: Abraham

Still a long shot, but he gave Negan loud face, made him stop and comment. Possible.
5)  49-to-1: Eugene

 Almost as long a shot as Abraham, but he gets as smidge closer because the beating his face took suggests he annoyed someone in the Saviors’ camp already.

6) 30-to-1: Sasha

She was there, but Negan did not seem interested in her as a victim. We may see why next season.
7) 29-to-1: Michonne

Michonne is such a baddass she kind of rose up on her knees and looked Negan dead in the face, but again, he didn’t seem interested at all.
8) 15- to-1:  Daryl


 Nearly impossible, but he looks to be bleeding heavily already, so maybe Negan will just finish the job (millions of women just screamed and cursed my ancestors).

9) 10-to-1: the Justin Timberlake stand-in  

Probably just a distraction, but they cut to him a few times during the TWD fatality shell game right before Negan raised Lucille.
10) 9- to-1: Carl

I doubt Carl is the target mostly because there is too much good story between he and Negan still to come, but the showrunners have wandered from the comic before…
11) 5-to-1: Maggie

This would also stray from the comics, but what a heartbreaking reversal, and it would cement Negan’s reputation as cruelest villain of all time.
12) 1- to-1: Glen

The poor guy has everything working against him; comic book lore, he reluctantly commited cold-blooded murder on the Saviors, he resisted most noticeably, he was the only one to break Negan’s rule, and reactions to him being dragged back into line made it clear his death would have emotional impact to a number of people. I truly hate to say it, but things look bleak for the nicest optimist in the cast.

What do you think? Toss your theories in the comment section. We might as well discuss theories, because the reveal episode won’t be here until October….

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1 Response to #TWD Finale Postmortem: #Whoisit?

  1. Chelsea K says:

    I think Sasha or JT stand in. Negan points to Carl when he talks about his eye to one side of the target, and seems to slightly point to the other side when he says “…and feed it (the eye) to the father”. Those two are in between the Grimes’.


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