10 Reasons to Dread Tonight’s TWD Finale

There are many reasons to experience fear when it comes to almost any episode of The Walking Dead, but waiting for tonight’s 90-minute episode, the level of dread is palpable. Here are ten reasons to worry about tonight’s #TWD season 6 finale:

10) The walkers haven’t caused chaos in awhile.

9) We haven’t seen the true strength of the Saviors yet.

8) We’re not really sure what’s up with Enid; is she secretly aligned with the Saviors?

7) This guy took Daryl Dixon out of play.

8)  Eugene may have to bite another dick.

7) Abraham’s days of outflanking people (both militarily and verbally) may be over.

6) With nothing to lose, Rosilita is a strong possibility to be killed.
5) One or more of the realitvely new cast that we are just starting to know may be sacrificed to the beast that is coming. 

4) Pardon the irony, but our heroes might be getting betrayed by Jesus. 

3) Carol and Morgan and Rick are out there away from the group and can be easily outnumbered by the Saviors..

    Well, maybe not Carol….


2) Daryl’s been shot. How badly?

1) with Maggie doubled over in pain and Glenn heading right for his darkest moment in the comics, will either survive?

BONUS: The reason that all of this speculation seems worse is beause of one charming guy …

…named …

Negan is coming. And #TWD may never be the same.

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