An Apology to All Women Experiencing the Wonder Woman Backlash

To All The Woman Who Have Been Pissed Off By Some Guy Telling Them Wonder Woman is “The Movie You Have Been Waiting For Your Whole Life”:

On behalf of all men throughout the history of time, I apologize.

Once again, we have managed to find a way to tarnish something good that we should have left alone.

Like when you wear something that looks great on you and we make some stupid ass come on about it;

Or like when you do something selfless and generous for one of us and we either grunt, or say nothing, or take it as a come in from you;

Or when we just don’t know when to leave well enough alone, or just listen, or let you make up your own mind.

My only weak defense is that we are men, and, by design, limited.

This is not an excuse; we, of course, should have evolved beyond this by now. Operative words: should have.

But some part of us is still a single-minded caveman. We still focus on one thing: we need pants. Go to pants store. See pants. Grab pants. Pay for pants. Take pants home. Hope they fit.

That same dim productivity got us all excited to talk to all of you about Wonder Woman. You put up with so many muscle bound explosion movies because most of us can’t handle rom-coms and yet you still kinda like having our geeky-nerdy asses around (even the hunks are nerds deep in their DNA, as you have discovered, again, our apologies). The truth is, we got overexcited at the prospect of a film you might enjoy on your terms and Just. Couldn’t. Shut. Up.

So, we ruined it for many of you. Thus, this apology. Hopefully, you can see beyond this and go judge the film for yourselves.

One good thing that might get you there is she spends a good amount of time knocking the crap out of and showing up clowns like us. That might be worth the price of admission all by itself.

The other reason to ignore us and go is this:



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