Music Monday: What‘s Your Favorite Christmas Song and Why?

By Christopher Ryan

I usually last until a little further into December before I lose myself in Christmas music, but this year The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special did me in. Such a fun soundtrack, it offers a bunch of my new favorite seasonal music. Which got me thinking…

There is a thing that happens during the holidays for most of us that “makes” our season. Sometimes it is a holiday movie or show, or wintry weather, or decorating, or … music that we need to hear for our season to really get going.

Mariah Carey hilariously announced “It’s time!” the day after Halloween, transforming her wardrobe from witch to a Santa outfit to signal the time of year when her holiday hit seems to dominate the airwaves, bringing her a yearly royalty boon. Good on ya, Mariah, but how about the rest of us? Which holiday song makes the season for you and why?

For me, the answers are almost too numerous to mention. I need The Waitresses’ “Christmas Wrappings” because that was the new holiday hit when I was away at college (shut up about how old I am, ya thugs). The Band’s “Christmas Must Be Tonight” touches my spirit because their sound always lifts me up. The Trans Siberian Orchestra gets my whole family going because we used to play it while driving together to family Christmas celebrations. And so on.

But what about you? Which song makes the holiday for you and why? I included a playlist to help you. In this season of sharing, let’s share our favorites and why in the comment section. C’mon! It’ll be fun!

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1 Response to Music Monday: What‘s Your Favorite Christmas Song and Why?

  1. Kevin Ryan says:

    The Eagles and Darlene love

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