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WTF Wednesday: How to Survive Thanksgiving

So this is Thanksgiving, And what have we learned? Another year older, And Charlie’s ego just got burned… While we welcome the idea of annually getting together to celebrate our gratitude, in theory anyway, negotiating the potential minefield of actually … Continue reading

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Stephen King Offers Gold for All in Fairy Tale

by Christopher Ryan Stephen King is 75 years old and at yet another thrilling peak of his writing powers with his new fantasy epic, Fairy Tale. This is, of course, reason to celebrate for his long-time “constant readers” as he … Continue reading

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SUNDAY CHILL Guest Blog: How to be the KoC (King of Chill) by Sonny Mehlman, chief security officer, Seamus and Nunzio Productions, LLC

Let’s be honest, some are born with gifts, some aren’t. This piece is for those of you not quite as fortunate as I am. While these abilities come to me naturally, I believe that if you follow my advice you … Continue reading

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