More Writing in 2015

Things have been quiet on this blog for a long while, but my computer has been busy. Here’s what I have been doing:
I have an anthology coming out early next week, BLACKJACK: SHOOTERS, in which I write a few stories about a somewhat legendary character known as Blackjack, an international soldier of fortune in the 1930’s. The stories in BLACKJACK: SHOOTERS reflect the social problems of those times, though the work is primarily action and thrills and adventure. I believe the underlying themes also comment on what is happening in our society today, be it gun violence in Walmart, racial tensions from Ferguson, Missouri to New York City, or how we seem to do everything we can not to listen to each other or treat each other as human beings. We hope BLACKJACK: SHOOTERS excites and entertains first, but maybe gets us a small step closer to each other as well.
Next on the horizon is CITY OF PAIN, the second novel in a The City Series which will be released in early 2015, no later than March. This slightly supernatural series of crime thrillers has been well received so far. The prologue to the trilogy of novels, a short story collection entitled CITY OF SIN, has enjoyed a warm reception, and the first novel CITY OF WOE, has 27 great reviews on and earned me the Independent Book Publishers Association’s Benjamin Franklin Gold Award for “Best New a Voice in Fiction”. Let’s hope people like CITY OF PAIN at least as much. Beta readers have said they like it even better than the earlier works, so I am encouraged.
Further into the year I will be publishing more Blackjack and a YA novel as well. More on those as they grow closer to publication.
In addition to writing, there is one, possibly two films coming out this year that I act, co-produce, write, or direct. More on those as the year progresses as well.
So why am I writing in the blog again? Because I want to stay in touch, on writing topics, and life topics, and with you. I know there aren’t many who read this blog right now, but I am very grateful to those who do, and I feel a need to keep up my end of the bargain.
Here’s to 2015. It’s gonna be a blast….

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I do my best to tell fast-paced stories with humor and heart. My fiction work is available on Here, I’ll write about the sources for those stories from what I read, watch, listen to, and observe to my experiences as a former award-winning journalist, high school teacher, actor, and producer.
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