Pandemic Plusses: A Teacher’s Revenge

AirPods are a major problem for high school teachers. Students wear them everywhere, even in class. Or they did until the pandemic. We’ll see if this time away fundamentally changes student’s approach to their education. If the work being done remotely is any indication, we all may be proud of them. In the meantime, an oddly pleasant side effect of the pandemic is that when teachers are not live distance teaching, they find themselves home with all their grading, and all their music. We can slip on our own AirPods (yes, class, we own them), or go old school and load up the multi-CD player, or go even older school and play that sweet sounding vinyl (class, ask your grandparents).

But there are some drawbacks.

While grading is very productive to the music of The Band…

Grading, The Band, and breakfast compliments of the goddess.

… it is nigh impossible to do any academic work while playing one of the best albums ever produced, The Temptations Greatest Hits, Vol.II…

The legendary cover of the 1970 album.

Let’s talk about this album art. Designed for scrutiny, it was the freakiest, hippiest art I had seen up to that point, and continues to be among my very favorite album covers of all time (students, you may not appreciate the importance of album art in the download era, trust me on this, is was key wayyyyy back in history). But the music is what cast the spell. And the magic never faded.

Many of you may not have been alive for eons, so you might not know the glories of The Temptations. I do. My older brother introduced this classic disc to my eight-year-old ears and it took over my soul. Whenever I was alone, I would spin and dance and sing all the parts, although the bass voice was way too low for my young vocal chords. This week proved I still cannot focus on anything else when these songs play. Look at the play list and you should understand…

Never heard these songs, class? Crank up your Spotify or Apple Music and discover the roots of what you listen to today.

Sadly, this album had to be surrendered to the call of professionalism. That’s okay, being alive longer than my students can fathom has provided opportunities to gather much great music. Here’s just a random sampling of what professionals can use to keep them going while working at home during The Grind….

This week’s playlist and some backup.
Not even including the vinyl yet. AirPods are for rookies.

Music can replenish the soul, make the heart pump with life, energize your body and mind. If The Grind is getting to you, put on some tunes, even if you have to use AirPods.

I write this series in hopes of helping people get through this pandemic with a bit more easy. You are welcome to share on today’s topic (music that helps) in the comments below. #MOC19

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