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Pandemic Plusses: A Moment for Another Group of Heroes

I have not been blogging for the past few weeks. No, I have not been sick (for which I am incredibly grateful), nor have I dropped into quarantine depression (yes, the limitations placed on our lives is frustrating, but with … Continue reading

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Pandemic Plusses: James McMurtry Shares a Great Notion

Amid all the Coronavirus blues we got going on, there are some moments to applaud. Celebrities are giving online performances or reading children’s books (the LeVar Burton/Neil Gaiman exchange was beautiful, and worth Googling), or adapting to quarantine and doing … Continue reading

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Pandemic Plusses: A Teacher’s Revenge

AirPods are a major problem for high school teachers. Students wear them everywhere, even in class. Or they did until the pandemic. We’ll see if this time away fundamentally changes student’s approach to their education. If the work being done … Continue reading

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Sleepless Nights from School Daze

I woke up from a dream in which i was struggling to play Stanley Clarke’s “School Days” and stressing that I could not play that complicated baseline well. when my dream cleared, i realized I was really fretting about this … Continue reading

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No Filter Required: Classroom Tempers in the Digital Age

A petite student called me an “asshole” in class the other day. Dropped the “F” bomb, invited me to write her up, and stormed out of my class when I informed her that leaving was an option. This got me … Continue reading

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