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The Times They Are A Changing, Again

There is an education going on in America, and the class is mixed. Slouching in the back row are smug political, media, and corporate leaders convinced they already know everything and are in complete control of their world. Too many … Continue reading

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Favorite Joke, ever

I participated in the last of the holiday get-togethers this evening. Talk about holding on. And I was reminded of a great moment in my life. The moment involved my all-time favorite joke. What’s the joke? Not yet. The reason … Continue reading

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Sleepless Nights from School Daze

I woke up from a dream in which i was struggling to play Stanley Clarke’s “School Days” and stressing that I could not play that complicated baseline well. when my dream cleared, i realized I was really fretting about this … Continue reading

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Class Warfare Should be a War on Ignorance

I would like to comment a bit on a fascinating book I read entitled Class Warfare by Stephen Brill. This nonfiction work chronicles the last few decades in American education battles, focusing on efforts to radically change how American students … Continue reading

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On Writing: Making it through The Monster of Daily Life

Where have I been? Away from my blog for too long, and I woke up wondering what could have kept me away. Life. By that I mean wife, sons, death of friends, work, grading papers, writing lesson plans, orienting to … Continue reading

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On Writing: Recapturing the Tone and Energy of an Older Piece

“Writers write.” “Writers should write every day.” “When you finish one project, start another.” These are pearls of wisdom writers hear or read all the time. And, such as they are, they make sense. But what does a writer do … Continue reading

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XBox Boyz: Is Virtual Hanging Out Better?

So it was last Friday night, my wife and I were going to a former student’s grad school graduation party, and our twin boys, 15, were staying home for the night. In my day, this often meant instant party as … Continue reading

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