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An Open Message to Graduates from a Parent

As we approach the solemn occasion of your high school graduation, it seems an appropriate time for parental confession. Here it is. We parents are liars, and have been lying to you for your whole lives. Please forgive us, but … Continue reading

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Class Warfare Should be a War on Ignorance

I would like to comment a bit on a fascinating book I read entitled Class Warfare by Stephen Brill. This nonfiction work chronicles the last few decades in American education battles, focusing on efforts to radically change how American students … Continue reading

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No Filter Required: Classroom Tempers in the Digital Age

A petite student called me an “asshole” in class the other day. Dropped the “F” bomb, invited me to write her up, and stormed out of my class when I informed her that leaving was an option. This got me … Continue reading

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