Pandemic Plusses: Man Plans, Dog Cuddles

Rough one last night. The goddess and I talked ourselves into a higher stress level than we’ve experienced before. And it was mostly my fault.

Bad enough I once again went down the rabbit hole of pandemic news and videoclips and Coronavirus updates and ongoing counts, but then I read the blog of an author I respect, Brian Keene, who is providing the world with a serious take on this whole thing, and it shook me. Day 15 and 18, specifically, of his blog led me to consider just how bad this all might get. Reports of rioting in China and Italy, and a shooting of a woman in New York City allegedly for not keeping social distance, well, the collective experience took its toll, folks.

And because we are partners in all, I thought I would have a serious discussion with the goddess, not panicking, just seeing where we are and whether we are well stocked and have we considered the what if’s of it all. She deserves a better, more muted husband. The conversation kept us up most of the night. Now we’re slogging through the morning on just a few hours rest, and for what?

We didn’t gain any wisdom. Didn’t agree on a plan that would set us up to ride this smoothly, keep us safer, or assure us of anything. All we did was scare ourselves (okay, Brian Keene, and, because I read his blogs to the goddess, I, did most of the scaring, but that’s Keene’s job, so well done, sir) and lose sleep.

And we still have no plan!

Luckily, someone did.

Sonny came to the rescue, cuddling in next to me and promptly going to sleep, expertly sending me the message: chill out.

And the dog is right. Nothing gets accomplished through panic or overexposure to news or obsessing about worst case scenarios. Yes, we’ll check our supplies. And we will take an inventory of what is in the house, how everything can be utilized, and we will make a list of what we absolutely need to get. The goddess believes that might be nothing. But if we do, we’ll make a thoughtful list. Once that is done, we’ll don gloves and masks and go shopping with a clear plan and efficient strategies. And we will come home and stay here.

But first, we’ll take Sonny’s advice and relax. We’ll breathe deeply like he is doing (though we will probably leave the snoring to him). Taking time to calm down, breathe deeply, and reset are keys right now. We will accomplish more, succeed better, and reduce the curve by taking in the right information in limited quantities, processing and adjusting as needed, and doing what it takes to remain calm and reflective rather that upset and panicked.

I am still going to read Keene’s blog because his view is clear and well stated and needed right now. But not multiple blog entries in one sitting. Everything is better in moderation, even Brian Keene.

Now, if you will excuse me, Sonny and I are going to synchronize our deep sleep breathing.

I write this series in an effort to help others get through this. You are welcome to add your comments on today’s topic (panicking cures) in the space below. #MOC19

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2 Responses to Pandemic Plusses: Man Plans, Dog Cuddles

  1. Carla Wiley says:

    I had my freak out moment early on when we made the decision that I should stay home with King George during all this. The thought of any of my family being potentially I’ll all alone is unthinkable. We have been through two deaths of young people in our immediate family .
    My eldest daughter fears the possibility of a sick child in the hospital without her being there. My youngest daughter fears losing one of us (My husband is an essential worker).My son in law wants to take his little family and go live on the land. My king wants to pretend like nothing’s happening. I just want to feel safe for a minute.
    I say this Brother King to applaud you for admitting to being human. You and the godess are allowed a freakout moment.


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