FRIDAY FUN: Revisiting Daredevil has been a treat

With only a slight switch to patron’s viewing status, Disney+ is making its entire catalog available, including the Marvel Netflix shows. A recent rebinging of Daredevil season one reveals two things, especially after watching four Disney+ MCU shows: these shows are more violent and way better than you might remember.

Noirish in tone, Daredevil relentless in its drive to weave a thrilling crime drama while slowly developing the MCU version of this beloved character so every aspect is rendered acceptable in live action. He wears mostly black street clothes until the 13th and final episode of the first arc. His infamous billy club doesn’t exist but the idea of it develops as “the devil of Hell’s Kitchen” finds throwing found items and confiscated weapons is effective for him. And his heightened senses are given a grounded explanation and slow roll out so we buy it all a bit at a time.

Charlie Cox, Rosario Dawson, and Vincent D’Onofrio turn in thoughtful, grounded, and riveting performances that lend the neighborhood tale a much larger feel. The rest of the cast also embrace their roles, delivering an ensemble feel to the proceedings. The writing, direction, cinematography, and fight choreography are fast-paced, full-blown, and provide the show a summer blockbuster vibe and a noir feel similar to The Batman simultaneously.

Overall, having these shows alongside the rest of the Marvel offerings further defines how diverse and varied the MCU is. With each new offering the channel feels more like the weekly pile of Marvel comics I devoured as a kid.

Highly recommended.

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