Music Mondays: Bright Harmonies Defeat Politics

By Christopher Ryan

We have an ongoing relationship with music. Sometimes old friends come back to visit. Other times, new sounds energize us wonderfully. This Monday series is about all of that.

Like most of the country, I was just sick of all the political divisiveness in this country, especially leading up to the recent elections. I found myself avoiding TV so I wouldn’t be berated by attack ads. Discussion among those with different opinions continued to grow disturbing.

To my pleasant surprise, relief came from an unexpected source- The Traveling Wilburys.

A not-so-secret supergroup gave us two uplifting albums, Vols. I and III.

In 1988 and 1990, undisputed, hit-making superstars George Harrison, Roy Orbison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, and Jeff Lynne released a pair of bright, fun, harmony-filled albums that featured numerous hits including “Handle With Care”, “Not Alone Any More”, “Tweeter and the Monkey Man”, and “End of the Line” as well as “She’s My Baby”, “Inside Out”, and “Wilbur Twist”.

But that was then. What do the Wilburys have to do with 2022?


Bob Dylan, Jeff Lynne, Tom Petty, George Harrison, and Roy Orbison.
The Traveling Wilburys.

And that is the joy of it. There are. no political overtones in this music, no fury, anxiety, or anger. No hate. The harmonies are gorgeous. The music and lyrics range from fun to uplifting, with a moment of breathtaking heartache from the late, legendary Roy Orbison. Taken together, the albums offer a great vacation from the headlines.

Sadly, we’ve since lost Orbison, Harrison, and Petty, and the Wilburys are relegated to history.

But they remain a quick search away in your favorite music streaming service, and they are so worth the visit.


The harmonies of The Traveling Wilburys are not to be missed.

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